artwork by Trent Straughan

commercial ad hoc

01. The Evolution Control Committee "Music for Selling"
02. Office Products "Mount & Do"
03. Roux Partout "#5 (Life Without)"
04. Orange Head "Real CM deep inside Your Life"
05. Pimmon "Sales Pitch '67"
06. Jörg Piringer "The Avalanche"
07. Experts Of Legitimization "Breathe"
08. Hayleck "Found After 2 Days"
09. Realistic "Trademark Messaging"
10. Peakaboo Hudson "Bunny Tarnish"
11. Youth Parade "Dire Hostess"
12. Adkins "Breaking"
13. Mr. Meridies "Easy"
14. Spacklequeen "(Royalties)"
15. The Bran Flakes "Turn The Channel, It's Another Commercial"
16. Abscond "Reject Angel"
17. Big City Orchestra "Carter's Little Liver Pills"
18. Professor Brown w/ DJ Jambox "Four Color Spin"

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