artwork by Ben Didier
commercial ad hoc track notes

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track 1
title: Music for Selling
author: The Evolution Control Committee
duration: 3 minutes 52 seconds
notes: Produced from 100% decommercialized sounds. "Decommercialization" is an important process in combatting the epidemic of hypercommercialization. As we lose the public square of the 19th century to the shopping malls of the 20th and beyond, we must conduct senseless acts of random decommercialization. Talk is cheap, but let your mind be free: Free your mind, and your Mastercard will follow. [Gold star for effort to DJ Pantshead (ECC) with this track]

track 2
title: Mount & Do
author: Office Products
duration: 3 minutes 21 seconds
notes: none

track 3
title: #5 (Life Without)
author: Roux Partout
duration: 3 minutes 25 seconds
notes: (poem)

life without challenge . rats that listen to Mozart run . the maze faster . rats in a maze the man subjects . Mozart runs faster . than what . life without challenge . #5 doesn't like Mozart . doesn't run faster . jump the wall and . bite the man . #5 subjects . #5 challenges

life without . if you don't stop . they live you . if you let it . it thinks in you . stand up . jump the wall . bite the man

track 4
title: Real CM deep inside Your Life
author: Orange Head
duration: 2 minutes 30 seconds
notes: none

track 5
title: Sales Pitch '67
author: Pimmon
duration: 3 minutes 54 seconds
notes: Source of material - "Commercial Radio Archives 1967"

track 6
title: The Avalanche
author: Jörg Piringer
duration: 4 minutes 26 seconds
notes: Assembled from two commercials for Hartlauer, a local Austrian company which is one the most disgusting firms selling consumer electronics in europe.

track 7
title: Breathe author: Experts Of Legitimization
duration: 41 seconds
notes: none

track 8
title: Found After 2 Days
author: Hayleck
duration: 5 minutes 2 seconds
notes: none

track 9
title: Trademark Messaging
author: Realistic
duration: 3 minutes 58 seconds
notes: The source sounds were extracted from various TV and radio commercials from the 1970s through the 1990s. Recorded and sequenced on a Mac in 1999 by James Towning.

track 10
title: Bunny Tarnish
author: Peakaboo Hudson
duration: 8 minutes 42 seconds
notes: Sample taken from the omnipresent Intel sonic logo. Old-style electronic music processes and new-style digital fuckups applied to hi-tech marketing tactics.

track 11
title: Dire Hostess
author: Youth Parade
duration: 2 minutes 48 seconds
notes: none

track 12
title: Breaking
author: Adkins
duration: 2 minutes 59 seconds
notes: Product - A track that lasts as long as a commercial break in the U.K. around three minutes, comprising four forty-five second 'art-ads'. Each ad was made separately from a pool of pre-sampled material from tv and radio. Though some materials appear across each ad, each also has its own material and character.

track 13
title: Easy
author: Mr. Meridies
duration: 7 minutes 11 seconds
notes: Kaiser Permanente radio ad & Bud Light radio ad. All work done in the Mac audio world.

track 14
title: (Royalties)
author: Spacklequeen
duration: 3 minutes 54 seconds
notes: none

track 15
title: Turn The Channel, It's Another Commercial
author: The Bran Flakes
duration: 3 minutes 52 seconds
notes: none

track 16
title: Abscond
author: Reject Angel
duration: 4 minutes 2 seconds
notes: none

track 17
title: Carter's Little Liver Pills
author: Big City Orchestra
duration: 4 mintues 28 seconds
notes: none

track 18
title: Four Color Spin
author: Professor Brown w/ DJ Jambox
duration: 3 minutes 55 seconds
notes: Four Color Spin appropriates audio material from the Volkswagen New Beetle television ad campaign. One track was time-stretched and all were processed through a custom-built quad analog switch. Filtering and volume changes were made as the one-take recording progressed, causing different textures and rhythmic motifs to emerge as the audio tracks switch from one to the next. At the end the switching rate slows to reveal the audio sources. Professor Brown & DJ Jambox are now performing as The Experimental Makeup.


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