Alias Frequencies

Alias Frequencies is an Australian organization that promotes and publishes collage-based music and media art.


The works presented here are all by Australian artists working with appropriated sound in one way or another.

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01. Rik Rue: Without Harm
Now something of an elder statesman of Australian sound collage, Rik Rue was renowned in the 1980s for his skill in improvising with the cassette portastudio. In the 90s he embraced minidisc as a new instrument for his unique and often ballistic form of collage, resulting in the great Sample/Shuffle/Interplay album. Without Harm comes from his 1993 cassette release Voice Capades (soon to be reissued on CD by Alias Frequencies) which was constructed from looped fragments of speech.

See also: Warren Burt, Machine for Making Sense, Social Interiors

02. Severed Heads: Dreamsong
It's impossible to overstate the importance of Severed Heads in Australian, and especially Sydney electronic music. Sevs are cool for many reasons, ten of which are listed here. In recent years Tom Ellard has become a one man industry, making the music and videos and distributing them through his web shop. Dreamsong may contain traces of Disney.

See also: Garry Bradbury

03. Ian Andrews: Recursive Toupe
Ian Andrews has been active since the early 1980s as a composer, filmmaker,and media artist, and is one of the most highly regarded figures in Sydney experimental music and art. He is also a theorist who writes about aesthetics in current electronic music. This track is from the Ceremonial CDR on Irish label Fällt.

See also: Pimmon, Kazumichi Grime

04. The Loop Orchestra: Gam
Using only quarter inch analogue tape loops, but informed by everything from musique concrete to film soundtracks to post-digital musics, The Loop Orchestra have been pursuing their own analogue vision for more than twenty years. They've just released their third album Not Overtly Orchestral, on German label Quecksilber. This piece is constructed from fragments of gamelan recordings.

05. John Watermann: Going Into Space
This was recorded in Brisbane in 1988, but sounds like a transmission from some twisted parallel universe. It's from the cassette release These Are Workers, one of a series of rare cassettes which will soon be reissued on CD by Alias Frequencies. John Watermann is one of most intriguing artists ever to have worked in Australia. He applied his dark, surreal vision to just about every possible medium including film, photography, painting, sculpture, printmaking, poetry, theatre, web, video, CDROM and of course music, anticipating today's granular computer music by more than a decade.

06. Wake Up And Listen: It's Not That Easy
WUAL began as an experiment in improvised radio in 1991, joining the cult late night programs on Sydney radio station 2MBS-FM. Using the studio as an instrument, augmented by various electronics and sometimes additional musicians, they've developed their own style of live collage. This track is from their 2001 recording of turntable improvisations, Mustard Keanu.

07. Antediluvian Rocking Horse: Da Danger Music
Like WUAL, Melbourne-based ARH is a DJ duo who have been around since the early 1990s, making music that combines media collage, electronica and dadaist performance. http://www.starttransmission.com/arh/

08. Nasenbluten : Cuntface
Nasenbluten is one of the key bands from the Bloody Fist record label, based in Newcastle, a former industrial city north of Sydney. Newcastle also hosts the annual Electrofringe/This Is Not Art festivals (responsible for bringing artists such as ECC, PLU, V/Vm and Steev Hise to Australia). Bloody Fist's brand of sample-heavy lo-fi industrial techno has been very influential on Australia's burgeoning breakcore scene. There's a strong Australian sense of humour mixed in with the seething anger.

09. Toecutter: Relax (Canberra Molotov Mix)
Toecutter is a member of Sydney's System Corrupt collective, who release recordings and organize free parties of breakcore and related madness. Influenced by Bloody Fist, but with their own perverse edge. This track is from a recently banned release on V/Vm.

See also: Dual Plover, Maladroit, Rank Sinatra

10. Dsico: Relaxxx
ECC started it, but Dsico is also one of the best bootleggers around (his track Love Will Freak Us is something of a classic of the genre) although nowadays he seems more interested in exploring different approaches, such as cover versions. Dsico also runs Spasticated Records who released the infamous Ministry of Shit compilation. This track is also from the recently banned release on V/Vm.

See also: AC/3P, Alex Davies, Sub Bass Snarl

11. White Virus: Venetian Snares Megamix
The latest entity to emerge from this Brisbane-based collective of brilliant young artists, who also brought you Puzahki. This is them having a bit of fun with several Venetian Snares recordings.

12. League of Infinite Justice: Ambitions of Empire
An ongoing project in response to recent world events. George W. Bush demands to be sampled, and the League is happy to oblige.

See also: John Jacobs

13. Shannon O'Neill: Falling Hats: Appropriation in Sydney Experimental Electronic Music. A 110 minute radio documentary featuring interviews with and music from several of the artists on this page.

Stream the whole program or download part 1 and part 2

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