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november mp3 compilation

....[curated by Pimpdaddysupreme]

01. The PISs: What is Snuggles??
A classic piece of collage that best helps to describe the audio collective derived from the Negativland fan based mailing list named "Snuggles". Snuggles is an invaluable asset to me as an artist. I previously had a limited outlet for my art and no real peer group to share ideas with. Having this community, albeit online, has really helped me grow as a musician and has brought me opportunities which had previously been thought impossible. Thanks Snuggles!! You're The Greatest!!! [end testimonial]

02. Workeshoppe Radio Phonik: Broadcast from July 22nd 2003 feat. stAllio!, YourGirlfriend, Swoosh, Matt the PM, Pimpdaddysupreme and various callers.
Fresh from the pages of Playboy magazine, (Indiana native and Bad Taste recording artist) stAllio! helped us make "the noise" on our late night radio program "Workeshoppe Radio Phonik" one hot summer night in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. Be prepared to hear "Free Speech For Sale", WFMU's "7 second Delay", Ace Of Base, Hundreds of interview discs, George Bush, Barking dogs, Easy listening & Classic Rock, lite-jazz singalongs, all chopped up into a blur of plunderphonia and copyright infringement. Workeshoppe Radio Phonik is broadcast Monday nights at Midnight (CST) on 88.3 WMTS FM and more info and downloads are available at http://www.noncontactneglect.com/radio

03. Buchanan & Goodman: Banana Boat Story
It seems that someone decided that it would be fun to cut up commercials WAY before "Free Speech For Sale" or "Commercial Ad Hoc". Dickie Goodman threw radio commercials into his audio cuisinart and created "The Banana Boat Song" (Luniverse 103), turning the "Day-O" refrain into an all-purpose consumer product. For more information on Buchanan & Goodman's legal struggles and ongoing legacy, read this article. Experience more B&G in the Snuggles reference MP3's section.

04. Value Village People: Self hell
From the Self Help tape shelf comes this motivational masterpiece guaranteed to drive you into the ground. Afterall, you should NEVER try to be a first rate original you. One of my new favorite people, VVP member Bleek Sweeney also broadcasts weekly from 101.9 CITR (Vancouver, BC) via his show "Exquisite Corpse". (the website is pop-up heavy, but check out the playlists!!!) Download more Value Village People goodness at Open Air or listen to past radio shows via his LIVE365 channel Exquisite Corpse Radio.

05. Jan Turkenburg: Tribute to 365 Days Project (parts 1 & 2)
Otis Fodder, playing to the weird-O in all of us started a very ambitious effort to compile 365 days worth of incredibly strange and outsider music, Obscure (and for the most part out-of-print) recordings being the primary focus. Well, it's almost been a year and he's kept his word and kept it going with the help of quite a number of online friends, associates and strangers. Meanwhile, Jan Turkenburg (a Dutch music teacher) has edited numerous tracks from the project together to make a track somewhere between Chart Sweep and Intro-Spection that only the OG's of the outsider and strange music world would be able to sing along to.

06. Pop-Chop: Wonder Fill (Dollar $hort Mix)
For those who never heard or don't remember, Pop-Chop (made up of YourGirlfriend and Pimpdaddysupreme) "Smushed" 50 popular songs into 4:20 based on their lyrical flow from one hit to the other. (Ex. Hello I love you won't you tell me your... name is Slim Shady, Hi My... name is prince and I am... Funky cold medina...) After a few notable mentions and reviews of "Comp-Elation" (the most notable of which, had boomselection.info erroneously giving props to Snuggles.) Pop-Chop set out to make a second track, this one a bit more difficult combining 250 songs that started only with a drum fill or a vocal lead in. less than halfway through mixing (60 songs), a short version was mixed down in cool edit pro and distributed only as a poor quality bootleg by noneinc to feed the hunger for new Pop-Chop material. The track only progressed to 173 songs (the only people of which to hear it were The Former Yugoslavia and Quahogs, both at Recycled Rainbow 5) before the hard drive completely crashed and the track was lost forever. Except for the original crisp short version which is presented here. While Pop-Chop hasn't been heard from, it's rumored that they're working on an album entitled "Music History" that is slated for a Fall 2004 release.

07. Vince Hatfield: George Bush for our USA!
The sheer irony of this song alone is worth the 3:26 taken out of your precious life. From the Vince Hatfield Website:

"Also on the "Please Come To Boston" album was Vince's self-penned February 2000 single "George Bush for Our USA," which was released nationally in October 2000 and which Vince and his young sons (Joshua and Zachary, ages 9 and 7 at the time) sang at President George W. Bush's pre-inaugural appearance and speech in Midland, Texas on January 16, 2001 (of course this patriotic single, which Vince wrote in 2000, was prior to the more recent patriotic songs)."

You can read the lyrics at the artist's own website Vincehatfield.com and if you like it enough you could buy the single (if it was listed on his order form). According to the website, for more information or ordering, do not hesitate to call Blue Moon Records toll-free at 888-821-1611 for Vince Hatfield CDs. Now that I've plugged the song, let me say that I'm not a fan of the subject.

08. The Former Yugoslavia: Warm Leatherette
Drawing from the power of the "popular" Snuggles release, some people might say that Dictionaraoke is dead. Others, like TFY, still churn out the D'oke hits. This "Brilliant" mirriam-webster version of Normal's new wave classic Warm Leatherette, pumps life not only into the original, but back into Dictionaraoke as well. Now, if I could only find that version of "Television, Drug of The Nation." (lost in a hard drive crash)

09. The Sausage King: Strobelight Harmonic
An old friend of mine, now living in Phoenix, AZ, had an idea for us to pair up and make music together under the moniker "Super Meat". He made some tracks, I remixed them... that's about as far as it went... He also left me a large bulk of his work, telling me that I could do with it as I pleased. This track (as with all of his tracks) was created in a demo version of cool edit pro (ca. 2000) with no fuctional multitracking. He'd spend hours sequencing by trial and error. It's amazing really. And what's crazy is that I've got a bunch of this stuff, of which I'll eventually share with the public at large.

10. Pimpdaddysupreme: Mr. Fats (part 4)
I was an extremely overactive and noisy child. My father was a novelty singer who exposed me to Captain Beefheart, Tom Waits, The Mothers, Buchanan & Goodman, etc... My mother took me to the movies and exposed me to amazing cinema, while my father would rent me cheap horror flix and Wrestlemania tapes. While I was soaking in pop-culture, I also did what most children at one time or another get around to doing. (no, not masturbation)
Making tapes. Tapes of fake interviews, impromptu songs, pause button tape edits, silly commercials, and (oh my gosh) original songs. This is one of those songs. One of a series, in fact. Me and my friend Len Poole armed with a toy steel drum, and amish marble toy, a Yamaha PSR-15 keyboard, and a JC Penney's recording boombox with built in stereo mics. More of these songs will be found on Pimpdaddysupreme's "Early Works" CD. Slated for a February 2004 release. Also on that release, a track familiar to some of you, Pimpdaddysupreme's radio interference masterpiece, "Acid Rain".